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About us

     Society “Scientific and Technical Center” Ecomash “was founded in 1993. The enterprise includes leading specialists from machine-building plants in the city of Kharkov and the centrifuge department of the UkrNIIkhimmash Institute.

     Our company creates devices (and on their basis technological chains of devices – Modules) for separating mixtures (suspensions) and thickening, dewatering sludge.

     We produce settling centrifuges (decanters), thin-layer settling tanks (thickeners), drum sieves, drum and cartridge filters, technological storage equipment, centrifugal and disc pumps, electric cranes, stations for preparation and dosing of flocculant solutions, as well as prototypes of equipment for various tasks . 

     The company’s specialists have accumulated experience in the creation and operation of devices in solving the following tasks:

    • treatment of industrial wastewater from coal preparation, metallurgical plants, mine water, drilling wastewater, etc .;
    • separation of oil sludge, oil and fat-containing mixtures and dehydration of their sediments;
    • purification of potassium humate;
    • regulation of the characteristics of drilling fluids;
    • thickening of flotation concentrates of the GOK, sludge of municipal wastewater;
    • dehydration of municipal wastewater sludge;
    • dehydration of sludge from wet dust and gas cleaning (boiler houses, thermal power plants, metallurgical plants);
    • dehydration of distillery stillage;
    • dehydration of metal-containing enrichment products;
    • dewatering of bottom sediments of spray pools at NPP and CHPP.


     STC “Ekomash” cooperates with such scientific and technical enterprises of Ukraine as NTU “Kharkov Polytechnic Institute”, STP “Burovaya Tekhnika”, DTEK, KP “Kharkovvodokanal”, as well as with enterprises in Russia, Kazakhstan, Armenia.

     The production of the manufactured devices is organized as a serial process. There is a quality management system for products that meets the requirements of DSTU ISO 9001: 2009.

     We carry out consultations on the cleaning and dehydration of various products, as well as provide technical support for the operation of the manufactured equipment: installation supervision and participation in the commissioning of equipment, warranty and post-warranty service, we conduct personnel training and consultations on operation, we carry out all types of repairs and, if necessary , we participate in the development of the Customer’s technology.

     We support cooperation with the Customer also in the form of outsourcing or equipment rental.

“Everything great in business is never done by one person; it’s made by a team of people. ”

Steve Jobs