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     Traditionally, we pay great attention to the technologies of using the manufactured equipment from the point of view of process optimization: quality of separation or thickening of the product, yield of dewatered sludge, energy consumption, process controllability, optimization of economic indicators and environmental aspects of the process.

     In this regard, consideration of new applications for equipment begins with an acquaintance with the existing technologies of the Customer, working conditions at the facility and technical requirements for new technologies, the questionnaire is agreed upon.

     To justify the choice of equipment, laboratory analyzes of product samples are carried out on the basis of our enterprise and, if necessary, with the involvement of other specialized organizations.

     In laboratory conditions, product processing technologies (including alternative ones) are modeled, and the main process indicators are predicted.

     If necessary, full-scale tests of equipment are carried out in the conditions of our enterprise or in the conditions of the Customer.

     Based on the results of experimental design and laboratory work, a technical assignment is drawn up for the creation of a piece of equipment or a technological chain of equipment (Module).

     The terms of reference is the basis for launching the equipment and further collaboration with the Customer.

     When the Customer performs design work, we will agree on the technological part of the project or the technological regulations for the equipment.

     Our specialists provide consultations when choosing various technical solutions for cleaning and dehydrating products.

Сentrifuge questionnaire

Questionnaire on a drum sieve