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Application area

We are engaged in the creation of apparatus for separation of mixtures of liquid (s) and solid using the principles of precipitation and filtration, such as: precipitation centrifuges, filter centrifuges, thin-layer sedimentation tanks of different sizes, as well as other process equipment (flocculent solution preparation stations, agitators, cartridge filters, Steam generators, capacitive equipment, etc.).

Also we offer compact technological chains of devices (Modules), designed taking into account the peculiarities of the Customer’s tasks and the operating conditions of individual devices consisting of sedimentation tanks, centrifuges, pumps, shut-off and regulating equipment and other equipment. Technological chains of devices (Modules) solve complex tasks for cleaning slime waters (municipal wastewater, sewage of various industries), dehydration of the solid phase (photo concentrates, slurries, wet gas cleaning products, etc.), enrichment of industrial coal products, etc., On the regulation of the characteristics of drilling fluids, on the separation of three-phase systems (cleaning of oils, oil sludge, etc.), and also: to create a closed cycle of water rotation, etc.

The use of the Module as a complete product simplifies the design work and commissioning.

The equipment and technological products of the chain of devices (Modules) are equipped with modern automatic control systems.