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LLC “STC” Ecomash “develops and manufactures horizontal settling centrifuges with screw discharge of sludge (SHS – Sedimentation Horizontal Screw), which are used in the following processes:

  • treatment of industrial wastewater from coal preparation, metallurgical plants, mine water, drilling wastewater, etc.;
  • separation of oil sludge, oil and fat-containing mixtures and dehydration of their sludge;
  • purification of potassium humate, solutions of potassium salts;
  • adjusting the characteristics of drilling fluids;
  • municipal sewage sludge dewatering;
  • dewatering of wet dust and gas cleaning sludge (boiler houses, thermal power plants, metallurgical plants);
  • dehydration of distillery stillage;
  • dehydration of metal-containing beneficiation products;
  • dehydration of bottom sediments of spray pools of nuclear power plants and thermal power plants.

In some cases, precipitation centrifuges are the only means of supporting the process. An example is the processes when it is critically important to have small dimensions and weight of equipment: drilling rigs, ship installations, offshore platforms, mobile installations for the elimination of man-made accidents and natural disasters, modular systems that allow technological processes to be carried out at large-scale facilities without creating large-scale capital structures (cleaning tailings, pools, lakes, etc.).

An important advantage of centrifuge processes is continuity. To increase the efficiency of the centrifugation process, suspension conditioning is used by the addition of coagulants, flocculants, etc.

Centrifuge designation

  1. Name of the centrifuge manufacturer;
  2. Principle of mixture phase separation: S – sedimentation; F – filtering;
  3. Main design feature: H – horizontal position of the rotor axis; V – vertical position of the rotor axis;
  4. Sludge discharge method: S – auger; D – emphasis;
  5. Rotor inner diameter, cm;
  6. Type of electrical equipment: 1 – general industrial electrical equipment; 2 – special electrical equipment (explosion-proof, etc.);
  7. Rotor material, protective casing: C – carbon steel or structural low-alloy steel; S – stainless steel; A – alloy steel that works in aggressive environments and in a wide temperature range;
  8. Design features (specified in the TOR).

Decanter centrifuges

The sedimentation centrifuges produced by STC Ecomash LLC can be either direct-flow or counter-flow. Centrifuges “Ecomash” are mainly used for separation of liquid mixtures containing abrasive solid phase , for example, anthracite, coal, sand, clay, etc. In this regard, the flow path of the rotors and the auger feather are protected by ceramics or carbide plates, overlaying.

Counterflow centrifuges can be cylindrical and cylindrobiconical rotor profiles .

Ecomash centrifuges are equipped with a feed load regulator. The load regulator is controlled by the centrifuge automation. When the Ecomash centrifuge is included in the technological chain of devices (Module), the centrifuge control system is built into the ACS of the Module.

Operation of Ecomash SHS countercurrent settling centrifuges

Centrifuges with screw discharge of the sludge are most effectively used for suspensions, in which the particle size of the solid phase does not exceed 500 microns.

Suspension through the supply pipe pos. 5 enters the auger body pos. 2 and through the unloading windows into the inner cavity of the rotating rotor 1. Under the action of centrifugal force, solid particles are deposited on the inner surface of the rotor, pos. 1 and removed by the auger pos. 2 through the mine for unloading dewatered sludge pos. 9.

The clarified liquid phase (centrate) moves to the larger rotor diameter and through the centrate drain pipes pos. 6 made in the rotor shell pos. 1 enters the centrate unloading shaft pos. 10 centrifuges. The processes of separating the solid phase from the liquid phase, unloading the dewatered sludge and draining the centrate occur continuously.

The outlet of the rear cone of the rotor from the cylindrical shell of the rotor contains tubes pos. 11 for removing fine solids or a flush bottom when the centrifuge is stopped.

The auger is driven by a two-stage planetary gearbox pos. 3, the body of which is attached to the rotor casing. The gear ratio of the gearbox can be adjusted by changing the rotation of the sun gear shaft connected to the additional electric auger drive.

Depending on the centrifuge modifications, the gearbox can be located both on the side of the dewatered sludge discharge and on the side of the centrifuge discharge.

The horizontal position of the rotor axis is adjusted by extending the shock absorbers pos. 8.

A distinctive feature of the centrifuges developed by the STC “Ecomash” is a 2-4 times higher productivity for solid matter during dehydration of highly concentrated suspensions, while the moisture content of the sediments is 3-4% lower compared to similar centrifuges from other manufacturers.

Technical characteristics of Ecomash SHS settling centrifuges (basic model)

№ п/п


Parameter name Value
Ecomash SHS 310 Ecomash SHS 460 Ecomash SHS 510 Ecomash SHS 520 Ecomash SHS 750
 1 Volumetric performance in feed, max, Qр, m3/hour 15 35 40 55 100
 2 Mass productivity (productivity for solid feed), max, T, t /hour 0,8  4,6  5 3 21
 3 Moisture content of dewatered mineral sludge (for example, waste of coal preparation), ash content Ad=70%, fine particle content γ-40≤75%, Wos, % ∼25-2+7 ∼25-2+7 ∼25-2+7 ∼25-2+7 ∼25-2+7
Moisture content of dewatered bioorganic sludge (for example, municipal waste water sludge, stillage), Wos, % ∼70-5+5 ∼70-5+5 ∼70-5+5 ∼70-5+5 ∼70-5+5
 4 Diameter of the rotor, d, mm 310 460 510 520 750
 5 Rotor speed, nр, rpm 4000 2400 2500 2600 1700
 6 Largest split factor, Fr 2755 1470 1770 1950 1200
 7 Rotor drive motor power, kW 18,5 30 37 55 132
 8 Electric motor power of the additional auger drive, kW 7,5 7,5 7,5 7,5/11 37
 9 Overall dimensions of the centrifuge, mm














1610 1900 1825 1900 2250
880 1100 1130 1175 1400
 10 Centrifuge weight, kg 1950 3100 3180 3900 10500